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Sustainable use of Ammonium Nitrate



Class and type: Inorganic, simple, solid, nitrogen fertilizer

Nutrients: Nitrogen (N) 34.5 % /-0,6%; (16,5% N- NO3 nitric and 16,5% N-NH4 ammonia nitrogen)


Types of crops and soil: For complete nitric nutrition of all types of crops and in all types of soil, according to nutritive requirements of plants and physical and chemical properties of the soil.

Quantities to apply: from 100 to 400 kg/ha, depending on the total needs for the complete nutrition of crops.

Application period: Primarily to reinforce nutrition from 100-400 kg/ha, basic fertilization from 50-100 kg/ha, pre-sowing fertilization and fertilization at the beginning of the season from 100-400 kg/ha.

Wheat  Quantity kg/ha: 120-160

Maize    Quantity kg/ha: 150-220

Sugar beet          Quantity kg/ha: 160-200

Sunflower           Quantity kg/ha: 80-120

Fruit       Quantity kg/ha: 245-370

Potatoes              Quantity kg/ha: 160-330

Method of application: Over the soil, by spreading evenly over the whole area or locally (side-dressed along the rows or stalks, with or without incorporating into the upper layer of soil).

Possible adverse effects: If applied in recommended quantities and according to the recommended method of application, there are no adverse effects on the treated crops.

Packing and storage: The fertilizer is packed into PE and PP bags. Because of its hygroscopicity and explosive properties it is stored and kept in dry storage areas protected from the sources of heat, moisture and exposure to the atmosphere in stacks up to 2 metres high, not longer than 3 months. Max. allowed quantity of stored product is 5000 tons. Max. stack width 6.2metres. AN is a hazardous substance Class 5.1-oxidizing materials, UN No. 2067. Comply with the special Regulations for this fertilizer type.