• Sable Chemicals was established in 1969 and is Zimbabwe’s sole manufacturer of Ammonium Nitrate (AN) fertilizer, with capacity to meet all national demand.

  • Sable Chemicals produces AN from ammonia gas which is imported from South Africa. For every one tone of imported ammonia gas, Sable Chemicals produces two tonnes of AN.

  • Sable Chemicals abandoned the old model of manufacturing ammonia gas using Electrolysis method in 2015. As a result Sable Chemicals reduced its electricity consumption from 115MW to 10MW per annum.

  • Sable is positioned to play the vital role of building up stocks of AN fertliser, which will reduce the country’s reliance on imports and cut the nitrogen fertiliser import bill.

  • The Sable Chemicals Plant runs 24/7 and thus requires a constant supply of ammonia gas from South Africa to ensure that there are no stoppages on the productions line. Equally so, adequate and consistent supply of foreign currency is required to support this supply chain.

  • A consistent supply of adequate foreign currency and an increase in our rail carrying capacity will ensure that we reach production levels of 120,000 tonnes per annum by 2019 and full production capacity of 240,000 tonnes by 2021.

  • Sable has entered into a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the National railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) which will see the refurbishment of tank cars.

  • Located at Sherwood, about 20 kilometres outside Kwekwe, Sable is an important and active corporate citizen in the area:

  • It currently has 200 full time employees and 100 contract workers.
  • It has established linkages with several downstream industries and continues to directly benefit businesses in Kwekwe and the hinterland.
  • It is involved in a number of community development and social responsibility initiatives.
  • Has supplied fertiliser for the Presidential Agricultural Input Programme and Command Agriculture

  • Sable Chemicals sits at the heart of the mainstay agriculture sector and is committed to helping Zimbabwe achieve food self-sufficiency and regaining its food basket status.

For more information contact:

Philip Mathemera, Sales and Marketing Manager

+263 772 303 096