Sable Chemicals produces high-quality, prilled Ammonium Nitrate in its pure quality with a minimum nitrogen content of at least 34 .5%.

The Sable Chemical ammonium nitrate, widely known and used countrywide as a strategic agricultural input and raw material in the manufacturing of mining explosives. Sable Chemical has a long-standing experience in the production of ammonium nitrate. Our commitment is to achieve the highest possible standards of quality, and to reproduce the distinctive features of our ammonium nitrate, following the client’s specifications.

The quality control system starts with the raw materials to the final ammonium nitrate product. Sable Chemicals has been paying attention to quality of its finished product since its inception. Consistently high quality of the finished product is a prerequisite for the development of the Company and a key factor in its competitiveness.

A number of chemical and physical parameters are specified for fertilizers and are analyzed in the Sable Chemicals laboratory for the purposes of quality assuring the ammonium nitrate product before it gets to the customer. These parameters include, for example, nitrogen content, moisture level, stabilizer content, particle size as well as the colour. The laboratory analyses the critical parameters and relays the analyses results to the process operators who in return use the results thereof to control plant parameters in order to produce a product that meets the customers’ expectations.

The Sable Chemicals ammonium nitrate contains anticaking and stabilizing additives. The anticaking additive is applied to the surface of fertilizer particles to improve the quality parameters, such as moisture pick-up, caking tendency and flowability. The stabilizing additive is added to ammonium nitrate fertilizer to improve stability against deterioration due to fluctuations in temperature during storage and transport.