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Sable Chemicals Fact Sheet

Sable Chemicals was established in 1969 and is Zimbabwe’s sole manufacturer of Ammonium Nitrate (AN) fertilizer, with capacity to meet all national demand. Sable Chemicals produces AN from ammonia gas which is imported from South Africa. For every one tone of imported ammonia gas, Sable…

Benefits of using Ammonium Nitrate

Benefits of using Ammonium Nitrate Easy application no need for covering Losses only through leaching Favors all weather conditions More information and trust of the product for years Marketing: Ammonium Nitrate is the commonly preferred product by many farmers and it has been well marketed….

Our SHE Management System

Sable Chemicals Industries recognises that its operations have an impact on the health, safety of its employees and other persons as well as the environment. As a result we commit to the development and maintenance of SHE Management Systems for health, safety and environment namely…

Sable Chemicals Process Description

Ammonia Storage Plant Imported ammonia is received via rail tank cars (RTCs) from South Africa and decanted into ammonia storage vessels, alternatively called spheres at the Ammonia Storage plant.  Each sphere nominally carries approximately 1,000 tonnes of liquid ammonia. The main purpose of the ammonia…

Sable Chemicals Ammonium Nitrate

Sable Chemicals produces high-quality, prilled Ammonium Nitrate in its pure quality with a minimum nitrogen content of at least 34 .5%. The Sable Chemical ammonium nitrate, widely known and used countrywide as a strategic agricultural input and raw material in the manufacturing of mining explosives….