About Us


Sable Chemical Industries was incorporated in 1966. It is the sole
producer of nitrogenous fertilizer in Zimbabwe. The shareholders of Sable
Chemicals are:-

TA Holdings 50.6%
Chemplex 35.72%
YARA 11.62%
Other 2.06%

The company has a capacity to produce 240,000 tonnes of Ammonium
Nitrate (AN) per year. It has future plans to Increase installed capacity while making use of modern and clean technologies to guarantee food security in the region .

Our Products

Sable sells the following products:

  •  Ammonium Nitrate (AN)
  • Nitric acid
  • Explosive grade AN

The most preferred manufacturer and supplier of fertilizers and other chemical products in Africa.

To produce Fertiliser and Chemical products in a safe and healthy environment for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Safety, health and environment

Customer focus



Reward performance

Integrity and honesty

Team work

Our Management Team

Sable is managed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who reports to the Board. The CEO heads a team of 5 Executive Management Team (EMT) who are Heads of Divisions and a Deputy CEO. The profiles of the Executive Managers are detailed below.